Side Project – Airbrush Tattoos & Body Art


Hello World,

I have not posted anything the last few months as I am working on expanding my creative business, from Graphic Design & Illustration to Body Art!

Airbrush Tattoos for kids & adults & Face Painting, while dabbling in Special FX Make Up. This is all self taught, having fun playing with new mediums.

You can check out my other site, an extension of my Inspiring Designs Business, that is dedicated to my body art services by Clicking Here

I started the Airbrush Tattoos a couple of years ago; however, I only owned one airbrush gun which is not ideal for changing colours. I did a small fair and a couple of birthday parties using food colouring as the ink this stains the skin so lasts about 1-2 days and is easily washed off & safe for the skin, enjoying the extra creative work so much I invested in an Airbrush Kit from Amazon for about $300-$400 CDN…let’s just say that did not pan out too well. The guns were from a foreign company and were not high quality at all. I used them for my niece’s birthday party to test them out, they were falling apart while in use…needless to say it was not a happy situation. The company, however, was quite cooperative & refunded my money after the product was sent back.

After saving up for a couple of years I was finally able to invest in better quality supplies: six Iwata Eclipse guns two used as back ups, Pache temporary tattoo ink waterproof inks that last about 5-7 days, a larger air compressor & later a 10ft x 10ft tent for outside venues; this investment was around $2000 CDN and so far is amazing – as you can see you get what you pay for lol

I started a bit later in the prime venue season late summer but have had the opportunity to set up booths at a couple of locations, doing airbrush tattoos & selling my illustrations, I will definitely be more prepared for the summers to follow to partake in fairs, venues & what ever other fun opportunities available; there are a few coming up soon so keep an eye out on my social to find out what they are 😉

Thank you For Reading & let me know what you think 🙂

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