Night Of Fear Festival – Side Project Finale


Night of Fear Festival 2015

You have probably seen this event posted/promoted on all my social media & websites, you may have even seen it in the news: Global, CBC, City TV, The Edmonton Sun, The St. Albert Gazette & other social media pages all throughout October.

It was an interesting event, there were many vendors: Halloween fashions, artists, bone throwing & tarot card readings, tea vendors & so much more; there was also a panel on stage with some speakers and demos – I was one of the panelists for both days giving tips and tricks on some special fx make up & face painting – there was a Michael Jackson impersonator, costume contests, special guests and a couple of local authors; one Author by the name of Erika Knudsen, who’s books I started reading waaaaay back in high school (2004-2006) & bought from a local hair salon in our small town that she actually managed and probably cut my hair too lol small world!!

I did not realize I met her earlier this past October while she was helping make up some zombies for the Zombie Flash Mob & Walk we did throughout Kingsway Mall October 10th. It was not until I was invited to like a Facebook page from the Festival page, which was her Author Page, that I finally put two and two together and messaged her on Facebook (we were chatting in a large Facebook conversation with other people involved in the press releases & festival before this) & told her how long I have had the books: “Beyond the Threshold of Death” & “Resurrected” from her Vampire Saga. Knowing she would also be working & speaking at the festival, I brought both of my books for her to sign & planned on purchasing the final book in the series, the version I have of “Beyond the Threshold of Death” is one of the first sets she published – we both had a moment, her of nostalgia and me a bit of fan girl moment lol – she informed me that she actually re-released the first book and it has added content…not going to lie, I will probably purchase the first book again to read the new content…but at the moment only one book was in my budget, so I completed my collection with the third & final book of the series,entitled “Monarchy of blood”. Erika also has a new series started called Azamaté Chronicles: “Awakened” & “Darkness” about witches, a dark family secret and a small crossover from her Vampire Sage. If you are interested in Erika Knudsen’s work and want to purchase or read more about her books click here: Eris Publishing

It turns out there was another author there by the name of A.D. Ryan, my sister bought me their book “Blood Moon” about werewolves & homicide. She bought it at Night of Fear Fest thinking it was the same author I got my books signed by lol the thought was there 🙂 and I am very excited to read this book as well!

I met some interesting people while vending there, one man in particular I painted into a zombie, he & his wife were food vendors. He has a very colorful background and many interesting stories about his life that were enjoyable to listen to. He was promoting my booth & trying to get more business my way, their food was very delicious & is what we ate both days lol

My younger sister Marie helped me out a lot with this booth, she ran out and got me some more halloween decorations, bought an extra box of candy just in case & helped me set up and run my booth. The second Day Marie also came to help again, as did my good friend Hilary, they both helped me run my booth, take down all the decorations and load up my truck. Thanks to them everything ran a lot faster & smoother!! I am very grateful & happy to have such awesome help with these venues!

I dressed up in two different costumes for both days & painted my sister as Two Face from the Batman cartoons. Day one I was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Day two I was Jack Skellington & my friend Hilary was Sally 🙂 It is always interesting and fun to see all the decorations & costumes as Halloween is my Christmas lol my favorite time of the year!!

Unfortunately the event was not as busy as we were all hoping it would be; I did not have any customers the first day & did not make my table rent; however, the planner of the event offered to give me a free table next year & was very appreciative of the things I did to help out at the event, etc.

With all the awesome press this event got many vendors were surprised it was not busier, however there were other Halloween events happening on Friday night & Saturday; more well known events that have been occurring annually for many years so there was some fierce competition the event was up against. That being said, my body art business got a lot of media coverage which is good & a fair amount of business cards were taken so hopefully business increases for next Halloween & throughout the year for venues/parties. The planner of the event also offered to give me a free table for next year’s event, so I am pretty excited for next years event & how it will evolve for its 3rd year.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Welcoming November!!


October was probably my busiest Month this year!

Between teaching myself…rather giving my self crash courses on how to do Special FX make up & Face Painting, the first Global News Press release for Night of Fear Festival, where I painted my sister as a green zombie & did some special FX make to promote me at the event: Press Release Link

Making 17-20 zombies with another spray artist and an Author helping with latex  the following weekend: Night Of Fear Fest Zombies

Branding & building a new Facebook page, website, signage, price lists, signup sheets & business cards for my side project: Inspiring Designs Body Art to further my creative career in other ways while making a little bit of extra income.

Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family & celebrating his birthday.

A 4-5 hour pro-bono face painting session at Spirit Halloween to promote my business then go to an AMAZING Slipknot concert the next day – my boyfriend’s b-day present & some tasty treats I made that he likes to eat.

My Niece’s 9th birthday, baking then decorating her cake & my side of the family’s Thanksgiving the following weekend. (Link to come)

Being haunted by some old ghosts that just wont leave me alone.

Making my Niece & Nephew’s Halloween costumes. (Link to come)

The actual 2 day Night Of Fear Festival Event (LINK) Making my first official client into an undead creature: Link to the Undead Then taking my niece & nephew trick or treating – my dad usually takes them every year but last minute was not able to come out sooner; since they are 7 & 9 I brought them out to start and my dad came by later to join us 🙂 While doing this my sister Marie and her boyfriend were able to come over and tend to the trick or treaters for me – they were coming over to watch horror movies while I did the door anyway this year so it worked out perfect.

Finally, I decided to also take on another awesome creative challenge: Inktober! You can read more about this and see my illustrations by clicking here: INKTOBER to read my Inktober blog post.

…it was a very busy month to say the least lol so I am welcoming November with open arms to hopefully catch up on some sleep and experiment with other creative things 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂

Night Of Fear Fest – Press Release for side project


Media release at Spirit of Halloween (west Edmonton location) for Night of Fear Festival at the Enjoy Center in St.Albert (Oct. 30th & 31st) for Little Warriors!! Come out to support this great cause & have some Halloween Fun!!

Be sure to check out Global Edmonton at 6 and 11 to see us live!

For more information check out Night Of Fear Festival Facebook Page and for more about the charity follow this link here: Little Warriors Website

Visit my side project site here: Inspiring Designs Body Art