Inktober 2017

So proud I was able to complete Inktober for my 3rd year in a row!!

Last year I decided to do a horror theme, this made planning and illustrating much easier! This year’s theme is going to be *insert drum roll here* Super Heros!!

My focus this inktober is to work on figure drawing with these dynamic characters- really challenged myself with this one, have not done much figure drawing since graduating university…which was almost 4 years ago lol but that is what this challenge is about, choosing something to focus your time on in order to improve your skills 🙂

This was the first time I chose to use the inktober prompt list, this was a nice element to help generate some ideas, especially when you get a creative block or are pressed for time; this year was no exception, it was another very busy October lol between making my niece & nephew costumes, inktober & selling prints at a charity market event I also do the design work for lol so most of my illustrations this year were more like quick sketches.

More about this awesome challenge can be found here: Inktober – Where it began

Check out my Inktober 2015 and Inktober 2016 and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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