Inktober 2015 – 2019

A collection of my 2015 – 2019 Inktober challenge sketches.

What is it: Inktober started as a personal challenge Jake Parker created for himself, and is now practiced by many illustrators and artists around the world! The challenge is to create 31 ink based illustrations, sketches or drawings in 31 days; it can be 1 drawing each day or as many as you like in a day as long as the end result is 31 inked pieces in any style of ink. It is a fun way to stay motivated and challenge yourself while practicing your inking skills. For more info, visit inktober’s official site.

I followed the prompt list, but chose a theme of skulls…read more

This is the first year I was unable to complete the challenge…read more

Chose to use this inktober as an opportunity to practice figure drawing, but with super heros…read more

This was the first year that I chose a theme…read more

My very first inktober…read more

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