Noelle Fontaine works as a graphic designer and has started a new and exciting venture in the communications industry full time.

She specialized in menu design for a variety of restaurants in Canada – Alberta, British Columbia & Yukon Territories. Outside of office hours she enjoys other creative outlets such as air brushing, illustrating, sketching, multimedia art & painting.

As a kid Noelle has always enjoyed being creative, from drawing & painting to building dioramas out of any material she could find. Not knowing one could make a living in the creative field, Noelle was on the road to pursue a career in International business, after obtaining a diploma in Asia Pacific Management she was on her way to obtain a bachelors degree. This all changed in one meeting when a program coordinator questioned “why not pursue a career in the arts?”, excited to learn how one could have a career in the creative industry – that did not result in being a “starving artist” – changed everything.

Noelle obtained a Diploma in Graphic Design & Illustration, is a graphic designer, illustrator and likes to experiments with passion projects and creative challenges.

If you are interested in staying current with what she is working on, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @noelle_fontaine


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