Best Birthday Present: FB Fundraiser

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Did you know you can connect your birthday with a fundraiser on Facebook?!

This year I have set up a Facebook fundraiser for my birthday to raise $200 for the Canadian Mental Health Association (Edmonton Region), you can visit/donate on the fundraiser page today or at anytime during the month of April!

The first time I saw this was about a month or so ago on Facebook and was amazed that this was a thing! As someone who does not prefer attention (I am a shut-in, introverted individual that is comfy and cozy under her rock, and when the light of the outside world peeks in I dig deeper into the earth to hide) this was an awesome opportunity to turn awkward attention into a supporting and raising funds for a good cause!

Mental health is something that is personal to me and also affects so many people in various ways. I look forward to see if we can meet or even beat this goal!

Get informed, read more about the Canadian Mental Health Association.

About from the CMHA websiteScreenshot from the CMHA website

Thanks for reading 🙂