Hand Crafted Holiday Vases

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Center pieces are always great to have to dress up any holiday party table, you can use anything from flowers to candles & set a warm, festive mood.


This project was inspired by the Halloween centerpiece I made for my home/Night of Fear Festival table.

While out shopping with my mom the inspiration hit, we saw the aisle of ribbon at Michael’s & I instantly thought of my halloween vase & how I could create holiday centerpieces. While we were at our local Dollarama, it was close to closing time, I had a last minute idea to grab some small ornaments to add a little sparkle to the vases to make them complete.

In total I decorated 9 vases and 2 jars with lids.

Here is what you will need:

glass vases, glass jars with lids – Dollarama or Michael’s
white denim – Michael’s
ribbon, burlap wrap, twine – Michael’s/Walmart/Dollarama
Small ornaments – Dollarama
glue gun & glue sticks – Walmart/Dollarama

Here was my process:

Made 1 sketch to isolate my idea, then started to wing the ribbon designs one by one with different layers of ribbons or burlap wrap, using hot glue to attach the material to the white denim I picked up (this comes in a roll that is about 6” high). While making these I found the white denim was a great to use not only as a base for the material but as another rustic element integrated into the design.

I wanting to make sure the “sleeves” made for the vases were removable (so they could be washed if need be) this denim was key, it is woven tight enough that the hot glue did not go through the material onto the glass; therefore, the sleeves were not glued to the glass & are removable.

Step 1:
Wrap the denim around the vase so it had about a 1/2 inch overlap, this will be the seam used to glue the material around the vase – in retrospect I realized this project could of been done not just with hot glue but sewn together as well.

Step 2:
Keep the denim flat & layout the other ribbons/burlap wrap & cut to match the denim’s length.

Step 3:
Layout the designs you want to make with all the different layers of ribbons & glue to the denim

Step 4:
Prepare the ornaments, mine had small pieces of ribbon for hanging on a tree that I removed so the twine could be use to wrap the ornaments around the vase – be sure your twine is long enough to go around the vase & tie into a bow in the back.

Step 5:
Wrap the ribbon “sleeves” around the vase & hot glue the material (or sew) the 1/2 inch overlapping seam, finish off by tying the prepared ornaments around the vase – you can also go one step further and glue the twine to the seam in the back to better secure it in place.

Let me know what you think of this project & if you make any on your own please share with me on my social with the #inspiringdeisngsvase

You can also see real time posts of what will come next on my social.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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