Happy Holiday Crafting

Blog Post, crafting, Holiday

The office I work at full time is having their 6th annual holiday shopping show, I did not participate last year but was convinced to participate this time around to sell some of my  illustrations & paintings, then I thought “why not make some holiday related items to sell?” With my November not being as crazy as my October I will be able to find the time 🙂

I plan on trying to make some hand crafted holiday cards, gift tags, wooden pieces and other holiday crafts. I went to my local Dollarama, Walmart & Michael’s Craft store for some supplies I needed to complete my process: a few sets of blank cards & envelopes, some wooden pieces, a jumbo paper punch & some 96lb Bristol paper, glass vases, ribbon & more.

To see more of my work follow me on my social to see real time posts of what will come next.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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