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2021 Colourful Calendar

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2021 will be better than the last – at least that’s what we all are hoping! To help bring in this fresh new year, I have updated my colourful calendar design for 2021!

Available as a digital download in my Etsy shop, this calendar includes all North American holidays, a bonus year-at-a-glance sheet, and a helpful monthly goals column to help keep track of your monthly goals!

Personally, goal setting is something that helps my ADHD brain stay on track of the positive things I want to work towards achieving; whether it’s something small like getting dressed 2/5 days of the week while working from home or drawing at least 10 mins a day for my mental health wellbeing, to hitting certain deadlines set for myself to keep on track with finishing my online course a few months before the contract end date. All my goals are flexible (some more than others), and are not set in stone so I don’t have to stress too much over not flawlessly achieving them each week because, well, life happens!

So if anything, be sure to set some flexible and attainable goals for yourself each month, big or small (sometimes the small goals can have a big impact), you’d be amazed how accomplished and good it feels to reach your goals!

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Six fan art header

Six Fanart Challenge

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I know I am a bit late to jump on this fan art train, but I thought I’d share anyways 😜

Typically this challenge calls for the artist to post the six fanart character challenge template (created by @mcapriglioneart) on social media, encourage their community to suggest six fan favourites, and recreate the characters in their style. I, however, was a bit selfish for my first time around and chose six of my favourites.

That said, since this was so much fun and a great way to learn how to use procreate, I plan doing on another round with other’s suggestions. If you have any fun fan art suggestions, please leave a comment on one of my instagram posts! ✏️ 🎨

This challenge was a lot of fun and suggest giving it a go if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate! This was a great exercise to get me drawing again, I cannot express how nice it has been to get back into it!✍️ 🖤

Fan art no. 1: Tiabeanie & Luci of Matt Groening’s Disenchantment

This is a super fun project to get you #drawing ✍️ especially when you need to get out of a rut, need some ideas or to even just practice!

Had a lot of fun with this and suggest giving it a go if you haven’t had the opportunity to play with this 🎨 ✏️

Fan art no. 2: Geralt of Rivia

I watched the Witcher on @netflixca and fell in love with the world that existed! A dark fantasy show that had introduced me to sooo much more with games and books!

It has been a hot minute since reading or even playing anything from the fantasy genre (besides Zelda on my DS and occasionally the switch…I need to make more r&r gaming time 🤪). I used to play a lot of WOW, guild wars, Oblivion, etc. on my gaming PC – which needs a major overhaul, but perhaps more on that later 😉 – and did not realize how much I missed it/the world of fantasy, and how inspiring it is until diving back in!

For the books, so far I have read ‘The Last Wish’ and am almost done ‘Sword of Destiny’ (both short story novels by Andrzej Sapkowski) and highly recommend them as they are amazing reads! Gaming wise, I started playing The Witcher 3 on the PS4, asides from having some coordination issues using the controller (why joy sticks be sooo hard for my brain!!…miss my keyboard!!) lol it is has been a lot of fun!

Fan art no. 3: Link from Legend of Zelda – Oracle of Seasons

Legend of Zelda is life lol a series of games I have played as a child, and continue to play as an adult who ain’t ashamed to admit it 😜 I used to play this on my gameboy Colour and all the game boy irritations up to the 3DS XL Zelda edition. Love it! It is sooo cool that they have continued Link’s adventure throughout the ages and technologies, I have dabbled a bit with Breath of the Wild, but have not had the opportunity to play the game in it’s entirety yet…soon my pet, soon 😈

Fan art no. 4: Louise Belcher & Kuchi Kopi of Bob’s Burgers

I joke she is my spirit animal lol her character is just too hilarious, the humour dry just how I like it 🤣 getting up to all the shenanigans, truly a pure opportunist with such zest for life!

Fan art no. 5: Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on @netflixca

I was sooooo sad to hear that this show will not be going on for much longer, it is one of my favourites by far! So dark, interesting and, well, adventurous!

Haven’t found too many shows that push the level of darkness like this one (asides from black mirror and AHS) so if you know of any others like this, please share!

Fan art no. 6: Captain of starship USS Enterprise Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek Next Generation

I recently found out Star Trek Next Generation is on @netflixca and I am super stoked to watch it again 😆

This was a favourite of mine, would watch it with my dad growing up. When dad worked out of town and would call home, this was one of the shows we would chat about and I would keep him up-to-date (before the internet exploded with all the easy access to information that is) 😉

I heard there is a new show called Star Trek: Picard which Is super exciting and probably old news by now to peeps (I live under a rock, don’t judge my hermit lifestyle :P) buuut I will have to check out!

Completed six fanart template

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Inktober 2019

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This year I had such aspirations for Inktober, with crazy thoughts of being able to complete these mini ink sketches in much more detail and dedicated time…buuuuuut life had other plans and let’s just say it’s been a busy October: a couple bdays to make cakes for and throw parties, make Halloween costumes with the kids, school work, work work, training/courses, orange theory, soccer, other life things, not to mention getting a PUPPY!! 😀

It’s been a fun and interesting month that I am grateful for the experiences and this challenge!

Hope you enjoy my rushed attempt at finishing this year, clearly some pieces have been given a bit more love and attention than others haha but sometimes you just gotta let go and practice the mantra of “finished, not perfect” — @jakeparker

Overall it was still a fun challenge and I am happy I was able to complete this year (unlike last year lol). It’s a fun refresh and the kick in the pants I needed to get me into drawing again! Something I love to do, but do not prioritize enough!

Inktober 2019 ✅

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Why I’m opting out of the 2019 YEG Artwalk

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This would have been my third consecutive year participating in the YEG Artwalk as an artist. It is a terrifying, interesting and rewarding experience to display your work to the world…in PEOPLE!

Like many anti-social/socially awkward creatives, myself included, events like this can be very daunting and difficult. You are literally putting your creative expression out there for people to see, judge, purchase, compliment or straight up trash talk – except this time it’s in person and not so easy to block trolls – but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right? I see situations like this worth all the horrible anxiety ridden feelings it gives me, only because I know it’s all apart of my personal growth and learning experiences…at least thats what I keep telling myself in hopes those feelings will eventually disappear.

Now don’t get me wrong, these jittery feelings of anxiety and judgment are not the reason I have chosen to opt our of the 2019 YEG Artwalk.

A lot has happened over the last little while, if you follow my instagram you would have seen a glimpse of all the things; though lately, I’ve been a little MIA there as well – life’s been busy, but in a good way.

I guess the short of it is *takes deep breath*:

  1. I started a new, full time job in communications (late January of 2018) that allowed me to submit for the IABC Capital Awards two years in a row – am now two for two on awards of excellence, which is something I never considered in my professional career, so its pree neat!
  2. With this new position is a new career path. I do get to design a fair amount still, so thats happy, there is/was lot of new things to learn. With that said, I am grateful this job gives me the opportunity to take courses for professional development. So far, I have completed a Communications 101 course and recently started a course on Interpersonal Communications.
  3. I rebranded my business, which required some updating on various online platforms, etc.
  4. Re-opened/trying to managing my Etsy and Redbubble shops.
  5. Still working freelance on the side, which fills up the time slots.
  6. Bought a house last summer and moved in early in the fall, and did minor “renos” (painting mostly), but are still not fully set up, and there is other work to be done. Not to mention, we still have boxes upon boxes to go through/organize in the garage, as well as in the basement 😛
  7. Can’t forget about all the other, personal things (growing families, weddings, friends visiting, etc.) happening, and all the crazy things life offers in general.
  8. I decided to not burn myself out this year – though it may not seem that way, but I am planning on taking 2 weeks off work in the summer, so theres that! *cough – i’m a workaholic – cough* – baby steps 🙂

With all this going on, it feels like there is not enough time to experiment with painting and other creative outlets. Not being able to create, let alone prepare for Artwalk, has left me a bit tired and unmotivated. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to potential patrons (or myself) to try and slap a booth together – I aint about that half-assery!

For now I shall push on, re-evaluate how/if I will be able to continue to do all things and prioritize what is important to me and where to invest my time…once the summer is over…or once we have our house in order…whatever comes first, that’s when I’ll do the thing – I swear!

So there you have it, I am officially opting out of the yeg artwalk this year – life is just too busy at the moment. That said, ideas have been marinating in my brain meat for a while now, and I am excited to create a “plan of attack” for next year! *is determined*

Thanks for reading 🙂

Best Birthday Present: FB Fundraiser

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Did you know you can connect your birthday with a fundraiser on Facebook?!

This year I have set up a Facebook fundraiser for my birthday to raise $200 for the Canadian Mental Health Association (Edmonton Region), you can visit/donate on the fundraiser page today or at anytime during the month of April!

The first time I saw this was about a month or so ago on Facebook and was amazed that this was a thing! As someone who does not prefer attention (I am a shut-in, introverted individual that is comfy and cozy under her rock, and when the light of the outside world peeks in I dig deeper into the earth to hide) this was an awesome opportunity to turn awkward attention into a supporting and raising funds for a good cause!

Mental health is something that is personal to me and also affects so many people in various ways. I look forward to see if we can meet or even beat this goal!

Get informed, read more about the Canadian Mental Health Association.

About from the CMHA websiteScreenshot from the CMHA website

Thanks for reading 🙂

Random Brain Dump: I have to write an essay

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I have to write an essay, I am sooooooooo not feeling it right now. Maybe if I type more about how I am not feeling it I will be able to continue to write down some essay things; who knows, maybe I wont.

Do you ever struggle with writing things? If you do, you are not alone because I do, I struggle with it alllll the time. Organizing words in my brain to try to get them unjumbled onto paper is just blerg…I think my brain missed an update somewhere, a glitch that cannot be fixed without some maintenance and IT wizardry. If only it were that simple, to download a newer, faster version of thinking – instead there is a lot more involved than just a download. We are the programmers of our brains, capable of upgrading our own software through practice, patience and discipline. Sometimes the process is much more time-consuming, others it is like we were pre-programmed to know what/how to do the things. The quest of learing all the things will never end, there is a plethora of knowledge around, just waiting to be “downloaded into the mainframe”.

I am hoping this random stream of consciousness and writing will assist me in getting my essay started…well its kind of started but needs to be organized and more questions to be answered, questions I do not remember the answers to; my brain needs a new memory card. My memory keeps overwriting itself, making searching for information in the dusty files in my brain very difficult.

Sometimes just emptying the random jammerings of my brain can help – like doing mind maps to dump all the info out of the brain to then be organized.

I don’t know…

What do you do to get back on track with writing?



Photo credit: nick-morrison-325805-unsplash

Inktober 2018

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Update: Check out my 2015-2019 Inktober collection.

That’s right, Inktober is back baby! …okay we are at about the halfway point, but I am still excited about it!

4 years straight of participating and looking forward to it every minuite of it! Inktober is an amazing creative crunch time without the pressure of feeling like all your pieces have to be perfect – being a perfectionsit, leanring to embrace the “finished not perdfect” philosophy (also advised from Jake Parker, the creator of this amazing challange) – is very liberating, giving yourself the freedom to create without the stress and with no alternative motive in mind.

If you find yourself to be a perfectionsit, I strongly suggest challanging yourself in two ways:

1. create some amazing work for fun

2. welcome the freedom it has to offer, you will be happy you did!

Start letting go of perfection and gradually embrace the progression, not only of your mad inking skills, but of building healthier work habbits that allow you to put less pressure on your self – releasing the string of tension that perfection holds around your brain – all in just 31 days!

Follow me on instagram to stay up to date on my inktober progress: @noelle_fontaine

Here are the Inktober prompts for 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.04.13 AM

Visit inktober.com for more details about this great challenge.

It is never too late to start challenging yourself, jump in half way through, see if you can catch up and do your best to participate for the rest of the month!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Thank You Artwalk 2018


Another @yegartwalk in the books, 2nd year in a row 😊 thank you to everyone that came out to support me and the other artists this year! #yegartwalk #yegartwalk2018 #artwalk #artist #supportlocal #thankyou #thanksforthesupport #thanksforcoming

Etsy Shop Now Open!

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I am happy to say that my Etsy shop is finally open!

Opening up an Etsy shop has been a goal of mine since working in the creative industry, and after a couple of years of hard work creating inventory, finding manufacturers and rebranding my company I can proudly say my shop is open for business!

Visit my shop: NoelleFontaineDesign.etsy.com

Below is a sneak peek at my shop, let me know what you think and what sort of products you would like to see!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.41.15 PM

Thanks for reading 🙂

*Please note: Prices posted are subject to change.